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The thumbnail images shown here are followed by a simple identification and the year.
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Queen Victoria 1887
Queen Alexandra 1885
Queen Alexandra 1893
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00442.jpg (4224 bytes)
Queen Mary 1893
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00417.jpg (3224 bytes)
Two daughters of Edward VII 1893
George V Wedding 1893
00410.jpg (16542 bytes) 00410.jpg (16542 bytes)  
King George V c 1893  
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00421.jpg (3675 bytes)
00422.jpg (4412 bytes)
Royal Wedding 1893
King George V 1891
3 daughters of E VII 1889
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00400.jpg (4267 bytes)
00401.jpg (4091 bytes)
Psses Victoria and Maud 1893
Princess Victoria c 1887
Pss Henry of Battenberg c 1887
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00406.jpg (4540 bytes)
Queen Alexandra 1893
Queen Alexandra 1885
Queen Alexandra c 1889
1834.jpg (5185 bytes)
Duke of Clarence 1889

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