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Neg. No: GP (L) 1433-21
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: NONE

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Sitter: Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire (1833-1908).

Biog: Statesman.

Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire (1833-1908).

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Role: Emperor Charles V (1500-1558).

Date: 3 July 1897.

Occasion: The Devonshire House Ball, 2 July 1897.

Location: Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: "...after the picture by Titian. Surcoat black velvet lined satin, sleeves puffed large at shoulders. The surcoat turned back in front with black fur, and ending in fur cape scalloped, black beaded embroidered pattern on end of surcoat. Doublet black Genoa velvet embroidered tiny jet black beads, slightly open on chest, showing white shirt. Black silk trunks slashed with white satin. Hose, black silk high above the knee. Black velvet shoes. Toque black velvet with feather. Black chain and Order of the Golden Fleece round neck. Sword belt, black leather and silver fastenings. Sword, scabbard black leather, oxydised hilt." (The Echo, 3 July 1897, p 2f).

Costume Designer: -

Costume Supplier: M. Alias, 36 Soho Square, London W.

Accessories: Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece (reported as lent by the Prince of Wales).

Furniture & Props: Backdrop, painted to suggest the garden statuary at Devonshire House; studio Persian rug.

Photographer: The firm of J. Lafayette, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: No of poses: 1 (see also neg. no dev1402.html).

Spencer Compton Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire (1833-1908).

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Occasion: Sophia Murphy, The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball, London, 1984.

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Orders, Decorations and Medals: The Queen, 10 July 1897, p 73c, et al (see costume above).

Photographer: The Daily Telegraph, 3 July 1897, p 9f; Black & White, 10 July 1897, p 38b.

Reproduced: Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball, July 2 1897: A Collection of Portraits in Costume of Some of the Guests, privately printed, 1899, p 2, (National Portrait Gallery Archives).

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