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Neg. No: GP (L) 1321
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: 05-07-1897

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William Montagu Hay, 10th Marquis of Tweeddale (1826-1911); Indian Civil Servant; Liberal Unionist MP; Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland; Chairman and Director of several public companies.

Lady (Susan Elizabeth) Clémentine Hay, later Lady Clémentine Waring (1879-1964); eldest daughter of 10th Marquis of Tweeddale; m. (1901) Walter Waring M.P; C.B.E. cr. 1918; President of the Scottish Children's League of Pity.

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Role: (Marquis of Tweeddale) Count de St. Bris from Les Huguenots;1 (Lady Clémentine Hay) Valentine, (daughter of St. Bris), from Les Huguenots.

Date: 5 July 1897.

Occasion: The Devonshire House Ball, 2 July 1897.2

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: (Lady Clementine Hay) "...a white riding costume... (and) big beplumed white hat" (Vanity Fair, 8 July 1897, p 27a).

Costume Supplier: -

Orders, Decorations & Medals: (Marquis of Tweeddale) Collar of the French Order of Saint Esprit.

Furniture & Props: Painted landscape backdrop; studio balustrade; studio Persian rug.

Photographer: The firm of J. Lafayette, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Evidence of photographer at work: Top and left edges of backdrop visible.

No of poses: 2 [see also neg no 1321E].

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Marquis of Tweedale and Lady Clementine Hay 1897

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: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: (Marquis of Tweeddale) Burke's Peerage; The Complete Peerage; The Times, 27 November 1911 p 11c. (Lady Clémentine Hay, later Waring) Burke's Peerage; Who's Who; A. Winton Thorpe, ed., Handbook to The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, (facsimile edition), London, 1988; The Times, 17 February 1964 p 15.

Occasion: Sophia Murphy, The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball, London, 1984.

Role & Costume: (Marquis of Tweeddale) (Role only) The Daily News, 3 July 1897, p 6a; The Irish Times, 3 July 1897, p 8d; (Costume) The Gentlewoman, 10 July 1897, p 56b & p 57 (line drawing); (Lady Clémentine Hay) Vanity Fair, 8 July 1897, p 27a; The Gentlewoman, 10 July 1897, p 51 (line drawing); Lady's Pictorial, 10 July 1897, p 46 (line drawing).

Orders, Decorations & Medals: (Genuine order lent by the Duc de Gramont) Vanity Fair, 8 July 1897, p 27b.

Reproduced: (Version) Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball, July 2 1897: A Collection of Portraits in Costume of Some of the Guests, privately printed, 1899, p 134, (National Portrait Gallery Archives);

1 Les Huguenots - opera in five acts by Giaccomo Meyerbeer, first performed, Paris 1836. {One of the half-dozen most performed operas at Covent Garden in the ten years preceding the Devonshire House Ball - RH.}

2 According to Vanity Fair, 8 July 1897, p 27a, Lady Clémentine Hay made her début on the night of the Ball.