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Maclay, Lady
Neg. No: G8288
Neg. Size: CK
Neg. Date: 18-04-1923

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(Left to right) (front row)

Quentin Agnew (page); Robin Andrew Inskip, later 2nd Viscount Caldecote (1917- ), (page);
Mary Weir, daughter of Cecil McAlpine Weir & Jenny, née Maclay, (child bridesmaid);

(2nd row)

Carol Constance Douglas, later Mrs Harold Harmer Pakenham-Walsh (1915- ), daughter of Francis Edward Douglas & Constance née Inskip (child bridesmaid);
John Hampden Inskip, later Sir John Inskip (1879-1960), solicitor and Lord Mayor of Bristol, (groom);
Mrs John Hampden Inskip, later Lady Inskip (1897-1974), née Janet Maclay, 2nd daughter of Joseph Paton Maclay, 1st Baron Maclay, (bride);
Hon. Lilias Maclay later Mrs John Hamilton (1893-1965), (bridesmaid);
Miss Mary Wilkinson, later Mrs North, (bridesmaid);

(3rd row)

Lt. David Orr-Ewing, R.N. (Captain R.N. 1949), (best man);
Miss Molly Shipman (died unmarried c 1971), (bridesmaid).

Biog: -

Date: -

Occasion: -

Location: Duchal, Kailmacolm, Renfrewshire (bride's home)


Costume: -

Orders, Decorations & Medals: -

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No of poses: 2.


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(Lady Inskip, née Janet Maclay) Burke's Peerage;

(Mrs Hamilton, née Lilias Maclay) Burke's Peerage;

(Sir John Hampden Inskip) Burke's Peerage - see Caldecote, Who's Who; The Times, 9 April 1960, p 8e;

(2nd Viscount Caldecote) Burke's Peerage;

(Mrs Pakenham-Walsh née Douglas) Burke's Peerage - see Douglas of Kirtleside.

Occasion: The Times, 19 April 1923, p 15c; The Scots Pictorial, 28 April 1923, pp 405-6.

Costume: (Bride & bridesmaids) The Times, 19 April 1923, p 15c; The Scots Pictorial, 28 April 1923, pp. 405-6. (Lt. David Orr-Ewing) Admiralty Uniform Regulations for Officers of the Fleet, HMSO, 1924.

Costume Supplier: -

Orders, Decorations & Medals: -

Jewellery: -

Reproduced: CK

Additional Information: -

: (Research) Lady Julia Craig-Harvey. (Biographical information) Viscount Caldecote; Mrs John Ware, daughter of Sir John Hampden Inskip and Lady Inskip. (Naval career & uniform of Lieut. Orr-Ewing) Stephen Haworth, naval historian.