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Neg. No: 3707
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: None

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Subject: Ardyn Mary, Baroness Knollys and her children, Hon. Louvima Knollys and Hon. Edward Knollys, wearing King Edward VII Coronation medals.

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Sitters: (Left to right):

Hon. (Alexandra) Louvima Elizabeth Knollys, later Hon. Mrs R. H. S. Checkley (d. 1958);

m. (1911) Captain Allan Keith Mackenzie (d. 1916); m. (1922) Richard Henry Spencer Checkley.

Ardyn Mary, Baroness Knollys (1860-1922), née Tyrwhitt, later Viscountess Knollys;

m. (1887) 1st Viscount Knollys, Private Secretary to King Edward VII & King George V.

Hon. Edward George William Tyrwhitt Knollys, later 2nd Viscount Knollys (1895-1966); business man and public servant; Chairman, Northern & Employer's Assurance Co., B.O.A.C., Vickers Ltd., English Steel Corporation etc.; Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bermuda 1941-1943, Minister, British Embassy Washington 1951-1952.

Date: 19 December 1902.

Occasion: Receipt of King Edward VII Coronation medals, (King Edward VII, crowned 9 August, 1902).

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179, New Bond Street, London.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: -

Costume Supplier: -

Jewellery, Orders & Medals : King Edward VII, Coronation medals.

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

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Biog: (Checkley) Burke's Peerage; The Times, 27 December 1922, p.13. (Viscountess Knollys) Burke's Peerage; The Times, 27 December 1922, p.13. (2nd Viscount Knollys) Dictionary of National Biography; The Times, 5 December 1966, p. 12d; 7 December 1966 p. 14d.

Date: See neg. no. 3708.

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