Hume, Miss
Neg No: 1204
Neg Size: 12"x10" [ck]
Neg Date:1920-02-20

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Sitter: Marjorie Hume (1900-1976)

Marjorie Hume (1900-1976)

Marjorie Hume (1900-1976)

Biog: Actress. Marjorie Hume (27 January 1893 – 13 March 1976) was an English film actress. She appeared in 36 films between 1917 and 1955.

Date: 20 February 1920

Caption: In this portrait of the film actress Marjorie Hume, the Lafayette studio’s first attempts at more dramatic lighting effects can be seen. In almost all the extant images from the studio, there has been an effort to eradicate any hint of a shadow. A photographic volte-face has taken place whereby directional lighting leaves the sitter partially in darkness and the silhouette of both the sitter and the fan are mirrored by the shadow.

This dramatic lighting in the very few images from 1920-1 might indicate that it was a radical choice and only for the more daring sitters.

In the year of this portrait, Marjorie Hume was to appear in three films, and her career survived the onset of the talkies and lasted until 1957, when she appeared with Peter Cushing in the Hammer film The Curse of Frankenstein.

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Photographer: Lafayette Ltd

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