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Neg Date: 29-05-1903

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Subject: Lady Fowler with her two daughters.

Lady Fowler with her two daughters.

Sitters: (Left to right)

Hon. Mrs. Ralph Alexander Campell, née Marjorie Theophilia Fowler (d. 1911); m (1906) Major the Hon Ralph Alexander Campbell, 3rd son of 3rd Earl Cawdor.

Lady Fowler, née Alice Janet Clive Bayley ( ); daughter of Sir Edward Clive Bayley; m. (1876) Sir John Arthur Fowler, 2nd Bart., of Braemore.

Mrs. C. Pelham Burn, née Mabel Elizabeth Fowler (d. 1912); m (1908) Capt C Pelham Burn

Date: 29 May 1903.

Occasion: The Court, 28 May 1903: Lady Fowler presented by Lady Bayley; Lady Fowler presented her daughters.

Location: The Lafayette studio, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Descr: FL.

Costume: Court dress.

  • (Lady Fowler) "Gown of black velvet, the bodice draped with very old point d'Alencon; train of velvet, embroidered in a floral design in jet and steel sequins, and lined with white Oriental satin";
  • (Miss Marjorie Fowler) "Presentation gown of dewdrop lisse, the skirt slashed and showing a number of tiny chiffon frills; the Watteau train of white satin with scarves of chiffon and large satin bows with sprays of white lilac";
  • (Miss Mabel Fowler) "Presentation gown of white flowered gauze with appliqué of Swiss lace motifs; the bodice was tastefully arranged with chiffon roses and chains of pearls, and the Empire train of white satin, draped with chiffon and fastened with pearl ornaments and tassels" (see: The Times, 29 May 1903, p 9c).

Jewellery: (Lady Fowler) Diamond coronet.

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 2.

Lady Fowler with her two daughters.


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Biog: Burke's Peerage.

Occasion: The Times, 30 May 1903, p 10a.

Costume: The Queen, 6 June 1903, p 877a; The Times, 29 May 1903, p 9c.

Jewellery: The Queen, 6 June 1903, p 877a.

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