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Neg No: GP 3638 A
Neg. Size: 12"x15"
Neg. Date: 12-11-1902

copyright V&A

Subject: Royal Shooting Party.

copyright V&A


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Sitters: (Front row, left to right):
copyright V&A(1) King George VI (1895-1952), when Prince Albert of Wales;
copyright V&A(2) The Duke of Windsor (1894-1972), when Prince Edward of Wales.
(2nd row, left to right):
copyright V&A(1) Georgina Elizabeth, (Dowager) Countess of Dudley (d 1929);
copyright V&A(2) Elizabeth Harriet, Marchioness of Ormonde (d 1928);
copyright V&A(3) Lady Constance Butler (1879-1949);
copyright V&A(4) Theresa, Marchioness of Londonderry (1856-1919);
copyright V&A(5) Maud, Marchioness of Landsdowne (1850-1932);
copyright V&A(6) Eleanor, Lady Musgrave, (d 1936), Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Victoria;
copyright V&A(7) Princess Victoria (1868-1935);
copyright V&A(8) Hon. (Elizabeth) Charlotte Knollys (1835-1930), Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Alexandra;
copyright V&A(9) Queen Maud of Norway (1869-1938), when Princess Charles of Denmark;
copyright V&A(10) Cecilia Annetta, Baroness Suffield (d 1911), Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Alexandra;
copyright V&A(11) Edward Hyde, 5th Earl of Clarendon (1846-1914), Lord Chamberlain 1900-1905.
(3rd row, left to right);
copyright V&A(1) unidentified;
copyright V&A(2) James Edward William Theobald Butler, 3rd Marquis of Ormonde (1844-1919);
(3) unidentified;
copyright V&A(4) Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquis of Lansdowne (1845-1927), Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1900-1905;
copyright V&A(5) Francis Knollys, 1st Viscount Knollys (1837-1924), Private Secretary to King Edward VII;
copyright V&A(6) Sir Donald Mackenzie-Wallace (1841-1919), expert on foreign & colonial affairs;
(7) Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquis of Londonderry (1852-1915), Landowner and Politican (Postmaster-General in 1902);
(8) unidentified;
copyright V&A(9) HE General von Plessen ( ) CK;
copyright V&A(10) Count Paul Woolff Metternich (    ), German Ambassador;
copyright V&A(11) King Haakon VII of Norway (1872-1957) when Prince Charles of Denmark;
copyright V&A(12) Sir David Nairne Welch (1820-1912), when Captain Welch RN (retired), commanded the Royal Yachts, Fairy and Alberta 1848-1878;
copyright V&A(13) King Edward VII (1841-1910);
copyright V&A(14) Sir Frank Lascelles (1841-1920) British Ambassador to Germany;
copyright V&A(15) King George V (1865-1936) when Prince of Wales;
copyright V&A(16) Col. Sir Arthur Davidson (1856-1922) Equerry-in-Waiting, Assistant Keeper of the Privy Purse & Assistant Private Secretary to King Edward VII;
copyright V&A(17) Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (1859-1941);
copyright V&A(18) Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer, 1st Viscount Churchill (1864-1934), Lord-in-Waiting to King Edward VII 1901-1905;
copyright V&A(19) General Sir Dighton Probyn (1833-1924), Keeper of the Privy Purse & Extra Equerry to King Edward VII;
copyright V&A(20) Admiral Sir Henry Hervey Campbell (1865-1933) when Captain Campbell RN;
copyright V&A(21) Col. Hon. Sir Harry Charles Legge (1852-1924) when Lt. Col. and temporary equerry to the Kaiser;
copyright V&A(22) Chevalier Edward de Martino (1838-1912), Marine Painter-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria;
copyright V&A(23) Henry William Crighton, Viscount Crichton (1872-1914), Equerry to King George V when Prince of Wales;
copyright V&A(24) Henry Peter Hansell (1863-1935), when tutor to the children of King George V;
copyright V&A(25) Horace Brand Farquhar, 1st Earl Farquhar (1844-1925) when Baron Farquhar & Master of the Royal Household;
copyright V&A(26) Major General Sir Stanley de Astel Calvert Clarke (1837-1911).

Date: 12 November 1902.

Location: Sandringham Estate, Norfolk.

Occasion: The Kaiser's visit to Sandringham, 8-15 November 1902.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

No of poses: 1 [see also negs: 3638; 3665; 3665 A; 3675; 3668]

3675.jpg (85835 bytes)
3638a.jpg (84121 bytes)
copyright V&A
Edward VII 1902
Edward VII shooting party 1902
3678.jpg (78722 bytes)
Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany 1902


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Biog: Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd ed., Burke's Royal Families of the World, Vol 1, London, 1977; Burke's Peerage; The Complete Peerage; Dictionary of National Biography; Who's Who.

Occasion: Sir Sidney Lee, King Edward VII, Vol II, London, 1927; Philip Magnus, King Edward VII, London, 1964; The Times, especially 13 November 1902, p 8a.

Reproduced: Supplement to The Graphic, 22 November 1902, p ?


Candidates are:

(From The Times, 11 November 1902, RE 10 November

Bigge, Lieutenant Colonel Sir Arthur

Butler, Lady Constance

Churchill, Viscount

Clarendon, Earl of, Lord Chamberlain

Clarke, Major General Sir Stanley

Crichton, Captain Viscount

Davidson, Colonel A, Equerry-in-Waiting

Dudley, Dowager Countess of

Eulenberg, H.E. Count von

Farquhar, Lord, Master of the Household

Fullerton, Sir John

Ilberg, Dr.

Knollys, Hon. Charlotte

Knollys, Lord, Private Sec.

Lansdowne, Marquis of, Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs

Lansdowne, Marchioness of

Lascelles, Sir Frank, Ambassador to Berlin

Legge, Lt.-Col. the Hon HC, temporary equerry to the Kaiser

Londonderry, Marquis of

Londonderry, Marchioness of

Mackenzie-Wallace, Sir Donald

Musgrave, Hon Lady

Ormonde, Marquis of

Ormonde, Marchioness of

Plessen, H.E. General von

Probyn, Sir Dighton, Keeper of the Privy Purse

Suffield, Lady

Woolff Metternich, Count Paul, German Ambassador

Royal Shooting Party

(12 November 1902)

This photograph was taken at Sandringham during the visit of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

"The guns were the King, the Kaiser, the Prince of Wales, the German Ambassador, General von Plessen, Lord Clarendon, Lord Londonderry, and Lord Ormonde..."




(The Times, November 13, 1902, p 8)