Neg. No: (SF) B 3292
Neg. Size: 15x12
Neg. Date: 27-2-1923

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Sitter: Most Rev. Charles Frederick D'Arcy (1859-1938).

Most Rev. Charles Frederick D'Arcy (1859-1938).

Biog: Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland 1920-1938 [Church of Ireland].


Date: 27 February 1923.

Occasion: House Party given by Sir James Craig, 1st Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, on the occasion of the official state entry into Belfast of James, 3rd Duke of Abercorn, as first Governor of Northern Ireland.

Location: Stormont Castle.

Descr: TQL seated.

Costume: Church of Ireland, Clerical Day Dress.

Costume Supplier: -

Furniture & Props: -

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., Belfast Branch.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 2. [See also B 3290 A & B 3290A/B]

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Biog: Dictionary of National Biography; Who's Who; The Times, 2 February 1938, p 14b.

Occasion: The Belfast Weekly News, 1st March 1923, pp 5-8; The Belfast Weekly Telegraph, 3rd March 1923, pp 9-12.

Costume: -

Costume Supplier: -

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Acknowledgements: David Hebblethwaite, Secretary of the Church of England Liturgical Committee, Westminster Palace.