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Neg. No: (B) 133414
Neg. Size: (COPY) 12"x15"
Neg. Date: 21-4-1925

copyright V&A

Subject: Transport Section Personnel, Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Sitters: Front row (left to right):

(11) Captain Hudson, Royal Ulster Constabulary (previously Army Service Corps).

Date: 21 April 1925.

Occasion: -

Location: Musgrave Street Police Station, Belfast.

Descr: Exterior, with four vehicles, left to right: Theta/Rolls Royce (?) armoured car; 1923-1924 Crossley motor car; 1920-1923 Hudson motor car; Theta/Rolls Royce (?) armoured car.

Costume: Uniforms, Officers, Royal Ulster Constabulary; others, plain clothes.

Furniture and Props: -

Photographer: Lafayette, Belfast Branch (?)

No of poses: 1.

Copyright: V&A

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: -

Occasion: -

Costume: -

Reproduced: -

Acknowledgements: R.J.K. Sinclair, Curator, Royal Ulster Constabulary Museum, Belfast; (Vehicles) Clive Devereaux.