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Neg. No: (L) 3453E
Neg. Size: 12"x15"
Neg. Date: NONE

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Sitters (left to right):

(1) Fitawrari(1) Abba Tabor (c.1845-c.1916/7), General and principal guardian of Ras Mäkonnen's son, Täfari (later Emperor Haile Sellasie I).

(2) Ras Mäkonnen (Wäldä-Mika'él)(2) (ራስ መኮንን ወልደሚካኤል) (1852-1906), Ethiopian General & Governor of Harar, cr. Ras 1890; father of Emperor Haile Sellasie I.

(3) Fitawrari(3) Haylä Sellasse Abaynäh, Ethiopian General, and guardian of Ras Mäkonnen's son, Täfari (later Emperor Haile Sellasie I).

Date: c. August 1902.

Occasion: Visit to England for the Coronation of King Edward VII, 12 August 1902.

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London.

Descr: FL.


(1) Lion's mane head-dress; costume of French brocade; velvet shoulder-cloak (lemd); shield made of velvet, leather, gilt and glass.

(2) Lion's mane head-dress; velvet shoulder-cloak (lemd), decorated with gold emboidery; silk shirt; belt or cummerbund of silk;

(3) Lion's mane head-dress; velvet shoulder-cloak with ornate clasp; shield made of metal, leather, hide.

Weapons: Curved Ethiopian sword in leather scabbard; (Rifle) probably Lee Speed .303 bolt action rifle (known variously in Amharic as dimoftär, dimotfär, or dimetfor).

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop [ck chest].

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of related negatives: 7.

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.



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Reproduced: -

Acknowledgements: Professor Richard Pankhurst, Addis Ababa University; Mika'él Haylä Sellasé, Addis Ababa; Dr. John Mack, Museum of Mankind, London; Adrian Weller, Esq., Sotheby's. (Research) Russell Harris, Barbara Borkowy, Jane Meadows.

1. Later promoted to Däjazmatch, see also note 2.

2. Ras = "title conferred on governors of provinces"; Fitawrari = "General"; Däjazmatch = "Keeper of the King's Door" or "Count" (Burke's Royal Families of the World, Vol II, London, 1980, p 45).

3. Later promoted to Däjazmatch.

4. NB, this would appear to be the rifle depicted in the "Spy" Cartoon (by Sir Leslie Ward), Number DCCLXVI in the series "Men of the Day", published in Vanity Fair, 12 February 1903.

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