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Neg. No: (L) 3452B
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: NONE

copyright V&A

Sitter: Ras Mäkonnen (Wäldä-Mika'él)(1) (1852-1906). [Ethiopia]

copyright V&A. Ras Mäkonnen (Wäldä-Mika'él) by Lafayette 1902

Biog: Ethiopian General & Governor of Harar, cr. Ras 1890; father of Emperor Haile Sellasie I.

Date: c. August 1902.

Occasion: Visit to England for the Coronation of King Edward VII; appointment as a Knight Commander of 'The Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael & St. George' (K.C.M.G.), cr. 12 August 1902.

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London.

Descr: HL.

Costume: Gold coronet bearing crowned effigy of Emperor Menilek II; Ethiopian ceremonial silk shirt.

copyright V&A. Ras Mäkonnen (Wäldä-Mika'él) by Lafayette 1902


Costume Supplier: Coronet probably made by Dikran Ebeyan, jeweller to the Ethiopian court.

Orders, Decorations & Medals: Badge & star of The Order of St. Michael and St. George, (Knight Commander); star of The (Russian) Order of St. Anne (?); star of The (French) L?gion d'Honneur (Third Republic); star of The Order of the Crown of Italy; star of The (Ottoman) Order of Osmania.

Furniture & Props: Studio chair.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of related negatives: 7.

Copyright: V&A

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


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Costume Supplier: (Coronet) Count Gleichen, With the Mission to Menelik 1897, London 1897, p 248.

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Acknowledgements: Professor Richard Pankhurst, Addis Ababa University; (research) Russell Harris, Barbara Borkowy, Jane Meadows. (Orders etc.) Andrew Litherland, Spink & Son.

1. Ras = "title conferred on governors of provinces" (Burke's Royal Families of the World, Vol II, London, 1980, p 45)

2. drawn by Sir Leslie Ward, Number DCCLXVI in the series "Men of the Day", published in Vanity Fair, 12 February 1903.