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Neg. No: (GP) 5379
Neg. Size: 12"x15"
Neg. Date: 29-06-1907

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Subject: The marriage of William Galbraith Tennant to the Hon. Winifred Norton, wedding group with bridemaids.


(Bride-groom) William Galbraith Tennant (1879-1915), eldest son of John Tennant, and Margaret Croom Tennant née Galbraith, of 19 The Boltons, SW.

(Bride) Hon. Mrs William Galbraith Tennant, née Winifred Chapple Norton (d. 1914); 3rd daughter of 5th Baron Grantley; m. (1907) William Galbraith Tennant.


The Hon. Eleonor (Trehayne) Norton (1881-1951), twin sister with the bride; daughter of 5th Baron Grantley; unmarried.

The Hon. Katherine (Edith Carlotta) Norton (1883-1961); 4th daughter of 5th Baron Grantley; unmarried.

Miss Margaret Croom Tennant (b 1885 ), sister of the bride-groom; daughter of John Tennant, of 19 The Boltons, SW.

Miss Betty Marquand ( ).

Miss Helen Graeme Harrison ( ).

Miss Agnes Melville ( ).

Date: 29 June 1907.

Occasion: The marriage at Holy Trinity Church Brompton, 26 June 1907.

Location: -

Descr: FL.

Costume: (Bride) Wedding dress; "...a gown of ivory satin, covered with double chiffon and trimmed with motifs of lace and silver, and a tulle veil over a tiara of orange blossom. She carried a sheaf of white lilies" (The Court Journal, 20 July 1907, p 1104a)

(Bridemaids) Bridemaids' gowns: "...white crystaline, with sashes of pervanche blue, and fichus and white mob-caps, and carried nosegays of pink carnations in foliage, tied with streamers to match" (The Court Journal, 20 July 1907, p 1104a).

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Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London.

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Biog: (Mr & Hon. Mrs W.G. Tennant; The Hons. Misses Eleonor and Katherine Norton) Burke's Peerage; Wendy Hawksley.

Occasion: The Court Journal, 20 July 1907, p 1104a.

Costume: The Court Journal, 20 July 1907, p 1104a.

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