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Neg. No: GP (L) 1707B
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: 13-05-1898

copyright V&A

Sitter: Lady Henriette MacDonnell, née MacDonell ( ) and her daughter Miss Anne Margaret MacDonnell, later Hon. Anne Margaret MacDonnell ( ).


(Lady MacDonnell) Daughter of Ewen MacDonell, of 59 Nevern Square, London SW; m (1878) Sir Anthony Patrick MacDonnell, 1st & last Baron MacDonnell, of Swinford, co Mayo (cr 1908), statesman.

(Miss MacDonnell) Only child of 1st & last Baron MacDonnell.

Date: 13 May 1898.

Occasion: The Drawing Room, 10 May 1898: Miss MacDonnell presented by her mother, Lady MacDonnell.

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: Court dresses.(1)

Costume Designer: -

Costume Supplier: -

Jewellery: -

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop; studio Jacobean-revival mock staircase.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 179 New Bond Street, London,W.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 1.

Copyright: V&A

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: (Baron MacDonnell) Dictionary of National Biography; Burke's Peerage;

Occasion: The Times, 11 May 1898, p 13d.

Costume: (Lady MacDonnell) Lady's Pictorial, 21 may 1898, p 746; (Miss MacDonnell) Lady's Pictorial, 28 May 1898, p 789.

Costume Designer: -

Costume Supplier: -

Jewellery: -

Reproduced: (version) The Ladies' Field, 28 May 1898, p 500; (version, cropped, Lady MacDonnell only) Lady's Pictorial, 21 May 1898, p 745; (version, cropped, Miss MacDonnell only) Lady's Pictorial, 21 May 1898, p 744.

1. (Lady MacDonnell) "Court train of vied'l or brocade (especially made for the occasion at Lhassa) lined with white satin, and edged with ruches and plisse chiffon. Dress of rich oyster satin and gold thread brocade, trimmed with old Brussels lace and handsome pearl embroidery"; (Miss MacDonnell) "Presentation dress of white satin draped with tulle, showered with rose petals, graduated flounce of same, headed with double ruche of tulle bordered with narrow ribbons and banksia roses. Bodice of satin with garniture of lilies of the valley, heather, and banksia roses. Train from one shoulder of white brocade lined with glacé silk, trimmed with ruches, ornamented with ostrich plume, lilies and white heather" (see: Lady's Pictorial, 21 May 1898, p 746 & 28 May 1898, p 789).