Neg. No: 7956
Neg. Size: 12"x10"
Neg. Date: 14-06-1923

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Sitter: Mrs. William Hutchinson ( ).

Mrs. William Hutchinson ( ).

Mrs. William Hutchinson ( ).

Biog: -

Date: 14 June 1923.

Image published in Cool, published by The Fan Museum, Greenwich


Occasion: The Court, 14 June 1923: presented by the Acting Mistress of the Robes, the Duchess of Devonshire.

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 160 New Bond Street, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: Court dress:

"A gown of gold and red shot tissue, veiled in deep cream georgette, which formed an apron in front embroidered in gold to tone with tissue. The gown was held at the shoulders by bands of embroidery, from which hung a train of the same shot tissue lined with cream georgette" (see: The Times, 15 June 1923, p 21d).

Costume Supplier: Mme. Handley-Seymour.

Jewellery: -

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop; armchair.

Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., 160 New Bond Street, London.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 1.

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: -

Occasion: The Times, 16 June 1923, p 8b.

Costume: The Times, 15 June 1923, p 21d.

Costume Supplier: The Times, 15 June 1923, p 21d.

Jewellery: -

Reproduced: -