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Neg. No: GP (L) 1360
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: 03-07-1897

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Sitter: Julia Caroline, Marquise d'Hautpoul de Seyre (d 1950), née Stonor.

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Biog: Daughter of Francis Stonor; m (1891) Marquis Pierre Henri Louis Leopold Fernand d'Hautpoul de Seyre, sometime director of the Hyde Park Hotel.

Role: Elsa in Lohengrin.(1)

Date: 3 July 1897.

Occasion: The Devonshire House Ball, 2 July 1897.

Location: Devonshire House, Piccadilly, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: "An exact copy of Mme. Rose Caron's costume [see image below].(2) Rose fourreau old white silk, covered with gold embroidery. Manteau of white silk, embroidered with gold, rubies and pearls." (The Queen, 10 July 1897, p 71d).


face [detail]
dress - "rose fourreau old white silk, covered with gold embroidery white silk, manteau embroidered with gold, rubies and pearls" [detail]

Costume Designer: -

Costume Supplier: Alias, 36 Soho Square, London W.

Furniture & Props: Backdrop, painted to suggest the garden statuary at Devonshire House; studio balustrade; studio Persian rug.

Photographer: The firm of J. Lafayette, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Evidence of photographer at work: Pink colouration added to hair on negative.

No of poses: 1.

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: Burke's Peerage (see Camoys); Marquis of Ruvigny, Titled Nobility of Europe, London, 1914; for information on her relationship with the royal family and alleged romance with Duke of York [King George V], see: Sherman's Wife: A Wartime Childhood Amongst the English Catholic Aristocracy, Julia Camoys Stonor, London, 2006 passim.

Occasion: Sophia Murphy, The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball, London, 1984.

Role and Costume: (Role only) The Daily News, 3 July 1897, p 5g; The Daily Telegraph, 3 July 1897, p 10c; (Costume) The Gentlewoman, 10 July 1897, p 56c; The Queen, 10 July 1897, p 71 (with line drawing).

Costume Supplier: The Queen, 10 July 1897, p 71. 

Photographer: The Daily Telegraph, 3 July 1897, p 9f; Black & White, 10 July 1897, p 38b.

Reproduced: Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball, July 2 1897: A Collection of Portraits in Costume of Some of the Guests, privately printed, 1899, p 26, (National Portrait Gallery Archives); Arthur Charles Fox-Davies ed., Their Majesties' Court: 1906, London, 1907, pl. LXXXI.

Acknowledgements: -

1. Lohengrin, opera in three acts, by Richard Wagner, first performed Weimar, 28 August 1850.


Line drawing of the costume worn at the Devonshire House Ball: The Queen, 10 July 1897, p 71

Rose Caron (1857-1930), famous Belgian soprano - created Reyer's Salammbô. (For biographical details, see Jean Gourret, Encylopédie des Cantatrices de l'Opéra de Paris, Paris 1981).