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Neg. No: (SF) L 130085
Neg. Size: 6½" x 8½"
Neg. Date: 16-08-1927

copyright V&A

Subject: The marriage of George Marston Haddock to Miss Joan Pauline Bacon, wedding group with best man and two bridesmaids.


(2) (Bridegroom) George Marston Haddock ( ); Principal of the Leeds College of Music; only surviving son of Edgar Haddock, former Principal of the Leeds College of Music.

(3) (Bride) Mrs George Marston Haddock, née Joan Pauline Bacon ( ); 3rd daughter of John Henry Frederick Bacon, M.V.O., A.R.A., of Duke's Avenue, Chiswick.

(4) (Best man) William Clynes ( ).

(Bridesmaids) Misses Winifred and Christine Bacon, sisters of the bride.

Date: 16 August 1927.

Occasion: The marriage, 16 August 1927, at Brompton Oratory, London, SW.

Location: [probably] Duke's Avenue, Chiswick, London.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: (Bride) "...a dress of white georgette over silver tissue. Her veil was of old Brussels lace, which also formed her train and she carried white roses and lilies-of-the valley"; (Bridesmaids) "With dresses of pale mauve taffeta, veiled with tulle, trimmed with bands of taffeta, they wore crinoline hats of a deeper shade, and carried bouquets of shaded mauve sweet peas (The Morning Post, 17 August 1927, p 5c).

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copyright V&A

Copyright: V&A Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: The Morning Post, 17 August 1927, p 5c.

Occasion: The Morning Post, 17 August 1927, p 5c.

Costume: The Morning Post, 17 August 1927, p 5c.

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