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Neg No: GP (D)(00409)
Neg. Size: 15x12"
Neg. Date: None

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Sitter: King George V (1865-1936), when Duke of York.

Biog: Reigned 1910-1936.

Date: August/September 1897.

Occasion: Royal visit to Ireland 18 August-8 September 1897; Investiture of King George V as a Knight of St. Patrick, 20 August 1897.

Location: Viceregal Lodge, Dublin.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: Robes of a Knight of St. Patrick; uniform of a British naval captain.

Orders: Collar, Badge and Star of a Knight of St. Patrick; Star of a Knight of the Order of the Garter; Star of a Knight of the Order of the Thistle; Badge of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem; Badge of The Royal Victorian Order; Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal 1887 with 1897 bar; [others obscured].

Furniture and Props: Painted backdrop.

Registered Photographer: James Stack Lauder (1853-1923), trading as 'J. Lafayette', 179 New Bond Street, London. (Published with credit to Lafayette, Dublin).

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 1 [but see also (D)(00410)]

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: Dictionary of National Biography; Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd ed., Burke's Royal Families of the World, Vol 1, London, 1977, p 309.

Occasion: The Irish Times, 20 August 1897, p 5j & 21 August 1897, p 8d.

Costume: Peter Galloway, The Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, Chichester, 1983.

Orders, Decorations and Medals: (Orders) Burke's Peerage; (Jubilee Medal) Howard N. Cole, Coronation and Royal Commemorative Medals 1887-1977, London, 1977.

Photog. and Location: The Irish Times, 24 August 1897, p 11f; Copyright Records, Public Record Office, Kew, COPY 1/432, 6 October 1897, (1 pose registered).

Reproduced: The Queen, 4 September 1897, frontispiece; The Gentlewoman, 4 September 1897, supplement: The Second Dublin Horse Show Number, frontispiece; Peter Galloway, The Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, Chichester, 1983, plate 35.

Additional Information: At least four Dublin photographers (Lafayette of Westmoreland St, Chancellor and Sons of Lower Sackville St., J. Robinson of Grafton St., and Messrs Werner & Son of Grafton St.) were invited to photograph the Duke and Duchess of York at Viceregal Lodge during the Royal visit of 1897. Refs: The Irish Times, 24 August 1897 p 5f or 11f [ck], 25 August 1897, p 9g; 27 August 1897; p 6 h [ck]; 28 August 1897, p 9a; 30 August 1897, p 5e; 2 September 1897, p 6a & 8 September 1897, p 5b.

For similar portraits of the Duke of York as a Knight of St. Patrick with the same backdrop see: (Chancellor) The Illustrated London News, 2 September 1897, p 311; (J. Robinson) Royal Photographic Collection, Windsor, Album Portraits, 1891-1899, ref 3/C/2. The backdrop was used by Lafayette on several other occasions, see The Navy and Army Illustrated, 12 June 1896, p 309 & 21 August 1896, p 3.