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Neg. No: GP (L) 1510
Neg. Size: 15"x12"
Neg. Date: 28-07-1897

copyright V&A

Sitter: Windham Thomas Wyndham-Quin, 4th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl (1841-1926).

image from V&A photo CD

image from V&A photo CD

Biog: Soldier, war correspondent, traveller, yachtsman and politician.

Role: Cardinal Mazarin.(1)

Date: 28 July 1897.

Occasion: The Devonshire House Ball, 2 July 1897.

Location: The Lafayette Studio, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Descr: FL standing.

Costume: -

Costume Supplier: -

Orders, Decorations and Medals: [Replica] The French Order of the St. Esprit.

Furniture & Props: Painted backdrop; studio column; studio Persian rug.

Photographer: The firm of J. Lafayette, 179 New Bond Street, London, W.

Evidence of photographer at work: -

No of poses: 1

Copyright: V&A

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Provenance: Pinewood Studios; acquired 1989.


Biog: Dictionary of National Biography; Burke's Peerage; Who's Who; The Times, 16 June 1926, p 11a & 16b; (See also Lord Dunraven, Past Times and Pastimes, London, 1922.)

Role: The Morning Post, 3 July 1897, p 7e; The Times, 3 July 1897, p 12b.

Occasion: Sophia Murphy, The Duchess of Devonshire's Ball, London, 1984.

Costume: -

Costume Supplier: -

Orders, Decorations and Medals: -

Reproduced: (Version) Devonshire House Fancy Dress Ball, July 2 1897: A Collection of Portraits in Costume of Some of the Guests, privately printed, 1899, p 140, (National Portrait Gallery Archives).

Acknowledgements: -

1. Jules Mazarin (1602-1661); Cardinal and chief minister of France.