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Neg. No: (GP) M 5590
Neg. Size: 12"x15"
Neg. Date: 11-03-1921

Subject: Most Rev. William Temple (1881-1944) and the National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches.

Sitters include:

(1st row, 6th from the left) Most Rev. William Temple (1881-1944); Bishop of Manchester 1921-29 and President of the 1921 Assembly of The National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches; Archbishop of York 1929-42; Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-44.

Date: 11 March 1921.

Occasion: The annual Assembly of The National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches, Manchester, 08-10 March 1921.

Western Morning News, 8 March 1921, p. 10.

"The annual Assembly of the Evangelical Free Churches opened yesterday in Manchester. Upwards of 1,000 representatives are attending.

Among the subjects to be discussed are the Lambeth proposals on Church unity, and the Archibishop of York is to take part in the debate on this question."

Location: The Albert Hall, Manchester [ck].

Descr: FL.

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Photographer: Lafayette Ltd., Manchester.

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No of poses: 1.

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Biog: (Most rev. W. Temple) Dictionary of National Biography; Who's Who.

Occasion: The Times, 4 March 1921, p 7d; 8 March 1921, p 9d; 9 March 1921, p 9c; 10 March 1921, p 12c; 11 March 1921, p 7d.

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